Bhuj Earthquake

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The Mw 7.6 Republic Day (or Bhuj) earthquake of India occurred in the morning of January 26, 2001, resulting in nearly 20,000 deaths.  The event occurred away from a plate boundary and is a possible analog to intraplate earthquakes such as those of the New Madrid and Charleston regions of the eastern United States. A group of us visited with the intent to characterize surface ruptures associated with the earthquake, examine the region for evidence of longer term tectonic activity, and place the location and mechanism of the earthquake into the context of the regional geology. 

Details of our findings may be found in the publication:

Wesnousky, S. G., Seeber, L., Rockwell, T. K., Thakur, V., Briggs, R., Kumar, S., Ragona, D., (2001), Eight Days in Bhuj: Field report bearing on surface rupture and genesis of the January 26, 2001 Republic Day earthquake of India, Seismological Research Letters, 72, 514-524.